About us

  • A wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa House Industry, Daiwa Information Service (Daiwa Info.Service) was founded in 1986 to develop and manage commercial properties. Over the decades since, it has continually grown by offering a suite of services from initial development through operation and management of commercial properties, including single-tenant stores, shopping centers and malls, and mixed-use buildings. Leveraging the advantages of an IT network reaching into every corner of Japan, the company brings land and building owners, tenants, and investors together to maximize real-estate property value.


  • A distinctiveness of our business model is its adroitness: We can mobilize vast volumes of data with our nationwide network and a full spectrum of expertise to accommodate any location, urban or suburban, enabling us to build, lease, manage, and run properties in all formats and sizes from single-tenant roadside stores to mixed-use commercial complexes.

Contribution toSDGs

  • Daiwa House Industry was launched in 1955 because its founder wanted to go into business to be of service to people and society, and his spirit is embodied in the Group’s fundamental principal: Creating Dreams, Building Hearts. Group companies keep this commitment alive by working to achieve SDGs intended to bring about a sustainable world.