Business Model

A distinctiveness of our business model is its adroitness: We can mobilize vast volumes of data with our nationwide network and a full spectrum of expertise to accommodate any location, urban or suburban, enabling us to build, lease, manage, and run properties in all formats and sizes from single-tenant roadside stores to mixed-use commercial complexes.

We also provide solutions optimized for every stage of a property’s life: Our comprehensive management takes in the full life cycle of properties entrusted to us, allowing us to care for them in the best way possible, cradle to grave.

Stores under contract by category

Stores under contract by category(as of Dec. 2019)

  • Large enclosed malls

  • Mixed-use commercial properties

  • Open-air malls and shopping plazas


Daiwa Info.Service has embarked on a journey beyond its home shores to apply the extensive expertise we have amassed in Japan in other lands. Leveraging the Japanese brand of quality facility operation and management, we aspire to interact with local peoples and cultures to create commercial properties with deep roots in their respective communities.

We also want our relationship with people overseas to be bidirectional: we want to do more than just help Japanese enterprises get a foothold overseas by also serving as an inbound bridge for foreign enterprises coming to Japan. Supporting other enterprises in this manner, we believe, will contribute to the further vitalization of local economies.

  • Japanese Market
    • “Export” tenants to serve ex-pat Japanese communities
    • Support Japanese enterprises moving overseas
      Provide on-the-ground services from location search through management support
    • “Import” tenants to Japan
    • Mobilize IT network and deep bench of available land
      to bring overseas tenants to Japan
    • Complementary use of property and building management techniques
    • In addition to transplanting operational know-how amassed in Japan,
      adopt useful overseas practices to our business model
      to develop properties that please clients
  • Overseas Markets

Seasonal events hosted by Daiwa Info.Service-run properties

  • New Year’s event

    Offerings of mystery bags have taken root as a New Year’s Day event, enticing kids of all ages to flock to sales spaces

  • Festival-inspired event

    Our properties help strengthen community bonds with events that keep local culture and traditions alive