Contribution to SDGs

Daiwa House Industry was launched in 1955 because its founder wanted to go into business to be of service to people and society, and his spirit is embodied in the Group’s fundamental principal: Creating Dreams, Building Hearts. Group companies keep this commitment alive by working to achieve SDGs intended to bring about a sustainable world. In that context, we are engaged in environmental initiatives oriented to achieving the Group’s RE100 objectives.


Daiwa House Group RE100 Objectives

  • Use renewables to generate more power than the Group consumes by 2030
  • Cover 100% of our electricity needs with power self-generated using renewables by 2040

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
Consolidated sales: ¥4,143.5 billion (FY ended March 2019)
Daiwa House Industry has interests in the housing, rental housing, retail and wholesale facilities, construction, condominiums, and environment and energy sectors, and overseas businesses.

Environmental Initiatives

Energy conservation
Daiwa Info.Service works proactively to reduce its energy footprint. At the commercial properties in our care, we use LED lighting, energy-thrifty climate control equipment, and even water-sparing sanitary fixtures.
Renewable energy sources
Daiwa Info.Service operates solar generation systems at 28 Japanese commercial properties with 11,207 kW of capacity enabling it to contribute 5,400 tonnes annually to CO₂ reductions, and in November 2019 we added wind generation to our power-source mix. We also do our job as an environmentally conscious enterprise through programs to educate local communities about what they can do to help.

ESG Engagement

The Daiwa House Group received the Green Star designation for the ESG performance of its real estate assets and an A rating for public disclosure in the 2019 GRESB* Real Estate Assessment.

* GRESB is the name of both a sustainability benchmark and the organization that conducts it and publishes the results as annual assessments of the real estate sector’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.